Plastic Tubes

Most economical solution to yarn winding . High quality material used for long lasting performance. Works up to 20,000 rpm bobbin holder speed. Colors available

             master batch

High quality pigment . Uniform sizes & granules density. Cost effective color solution for BCF & Staple Fiber application in PP polymer .

             SILICON SPRAY

Releasing Agent 96  , high quality silicon spray rated up to 400  C  spin beam temperature.

         Spin Pack Filters

Suitable for Staple Fiber , BCF & CF Extrusion lines. PP , PET & PA6 Polymers. Available in customized dimensions.


High performance & durable ULTRASONIC Bath . Excellent cleaning and washing results. Most suitable for Spinnerets cleaning .  Available in 28 L , 40 L , 50 L & 60 L tank capacity  with 2 years warranty .

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​​             Screen Changer

High quality customized Screen Changers for Extrusion and Compounding process .  

             Spin Finish Oil

Neat & Emulsion Spin Finish Oil for PP , PET & PA6  polymers  suitable for Staple Fiber , BCF yarn & Spun bond applications.


Highly effective chemical for washing & cleaning Spinnerets in Ultrasonic Bath.  Available in 28 Kgs Jerry Can .