• BCF Yarn Process support
  • Extrusion Line Installation & start up
  • Product  Development  Support
  • Heat Set & Twisting Machine support
  • Machine Spare Parts 
  • Schill + Seilacher- Germany Spin Finish 
  • DOTECO - Italy  : Blending system
  • SOSSNA GmbH  - Spinneret
  • KAHLGroup - Sacks Opening Machines 
  • BD Plast , Italy - Screen Changer   
  • Drives & PLC sales & services 
  • Machine Automation 
  • Extrusion Lines Maintenance  services
  • ​Ultrasonic Bath & chemical

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SPEML- Dubai

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Dear Valued Customers, 

We  always support our customers as life long business companion. We have more than 25 years of Global industrial experience in world leading textile machines technology. We believe our experience is our core strength.


                                                                              -  CEO , SPEML Dubai



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 SPEML , Dubai   based company and assuring competitive Industrial technical solution to UAE and international market.   Our objective is to understand our clients requirements and provide cost effective technical services and high quality products.

Qualified engineering oriented company having in house large amount of Industrial experience in international and UAE / GCC region . Our company management is well organized with complete professional approach and always very close to your business operations.       


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